Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Muse

My Muse visited me today for the first time in over 6 months, but she found me very rusty! She heard I’d had two early Christmas presents.
big shot
I bought myself this Sizzix Big Shot. I already have a Silhouette cutting machine and I kept going backwards and forwards to the shop to look at this one. the Big shot does so many of the things my Silhouette can do, but it can also do a few extra things. It can emboss textures and I hope to use it to create some collagraphs. As with any new gadget, using it for the first time was a bit nerve wracking, but with a bit of encouragement from some of my friends I had a go this afternoon.
I’d been playing with my other new gadget, this one to use with my iPad. It’s called Sensu and it is just unbelievable, it’s a real looking paint brush and it works like a dream. It helped me to create the above colourful mess, but when I printed it out it was ideal to practice using my Big Shot and then I filled some journal pages which had already been started a long time ago.
The butterfly on the left page and 3 tiny hearts on the right were cut with the new Big shot. I did do a few more pages but haven’t taken photos yet.
This page was used to loosen up a bit and as I said I’m very rusty, but it is a start so I’m quite happy.


  1. what a wonderful present .. dont wear it out too soon x Have a wonderful time playing with it ... some more x

  2. Good start mags! I now have an iPad ( thanks to a big O birthday!) so will be looking into sensu. Is it an app?

  3. Good to hear your muse is back!
    I read about this new Sensu toy. It sounds very tempting.
    Have fun with your new toys.

  4. Lovely to hear from you again Mags and glad your muse is back too. I love the journal pages and have been intrigued by the Big Shot myself but so far haven't succumbed to buying one. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with yours. I like making collagraphs and have used a pasta machine for mine but the Big Shot is so versatile and very tempting!

  5. Very well done you. Now you just have to keep it up! :-) Hard taskmaster me! :-)

  6. I hope you enjoy your Big Shot as much as I enjoy using mine. I will have to look at Sensu to see if it can be used on android tablets. DH has an Ipad and he probably would let me borrow it, if I make him eggy bread. Have a wonderful Xmas.

  7. Well done Mags :) Great to see you back here! I'm actually in the studio too - much be something in the weather :) Enjoy that Sensu brush, what a bad influence we are on each other!!

  8. I'm interested in the fact that Sissix can create texture, sounds exciting! Hope you enjoy playing and have a very Happy Christmas and a wonderfully creative New Year.

  9. So good hat your Muse has returned. It certainly looks like you are going to have fun experimenting.

  10. Mary Jenkins5:57 pm

    Welcome back, oh how I have missed you! Seeing your recent posts have prompted me to actually say something rather than just read "over your shoulder" as it were. I do hope your husband is making a good recovery and that you find time for your creative talents to come to the fore again - your work has been so inspirational. Keep posting ....please

    1. What a lovely comment Mary. One of the nicest I've ever had, just because of what you've said I will make a special effort to blog a little more. Yes thank, you my DH is making a very slow recovery.


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