Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Jan 1 2014 014
2014 has arrived at last! this is when life was supposed to get a lot better, but I think it’s decided to take a little longer. This morning I got up to a dripping sound and when I went to the kitchen I had water pouring in through the light fitting of all things. It’s not the first time this has happened, so I knew where to go and find the the source. A tile must have been damaged during the storm and I had to crawl like a caterpillar into the lowest part of the eaves to put a bowl to hold the drips. The builder is coming in the morning to sort it out.
Jan 1 2014 004
This flower has survived through it all.
Batch Dec 7th 012
I thought you’d like to see a photo I took during December 2013.


  1. I am also used to the odd tile going missing and drips and buckets in the loft. Hope you got it fixed.

  2. wow such a nice place and the picture looks really good....

  3. Oh dear! We had something similar a few years back. Hope the builder sorts things out quickly for you - the weather has been appalling at times, hasn't it. Beautiful photos as usual Mags. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  4. I hope that you got your roof fixed and that 2014 follows an upward trend from now on.

  5. Mags, I hope 2014 improves very quickly for you. I think you were very brave to crawl into that narrow space. We have a similarly low pitched roof and I don't think there's any way I would crawl in there these days.

  6. How amazing your hydrangea has lasted so long! My poor plant has yet to flower as it keeps getting knocked back with wind and frost up here, but I do love those flower heads. Good luck with the drips! xH


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